6.00 Access Hollywood
Billy Bush and team of correspondents cover the latest news and events from the world of entertainment, including celebrity interviews, behind-the-scenes accounts and previews of upcoming film, television and music projects.

6.30 Two and a Half Men
Charlie seems to have developed an overwhelming obsession with the newly “married” Rose, which leads him to start stalking her; Alan becomes concerned when Jake and Eldridge start videotaping their stupid and extremely dangerous stunts.

7.00 Two Broke Girls
Max and Caroline begin to have doubts about the working conditions in factory they have chosen to supply the T-shirts for their cupcake business after witnessing how overly-excited the employees are; Sophie starts her own business.

7.30 Mike & Molly
Mike starts to worry when Molly comes up with the idea that they both write their own wedding vows, until Carl tells him just to describe his sincere love for Molly by writing down how much he enjoys the taste of lasagna.

8.00 The Walking Dead
Rick attempts to convince Hershel to let the group remain on the farm, but the terms in which they will be allowed to stay may not be worth the safety; Glenn gets some help on a mission; Lori gets some unexpected news that stuns her.

9.00 The Walking Dead
Daryl is put in a very dangerous situation when he is forced to take on a hoard of walkers as well as the basic dangers of outdoor survival while in an injured state; Rick reflects on the decisions he has made; Glenn misreads signals from Maggie.

10.00 Two Broke Girls
A cute candy store owner shows signs of interest for Caroline and wants to possibly take her out on a date, but she soon becomes too embarrassed to go out with him after a humiliating experience that happened at his candy store.

10.30 Mike & Molly
After Mike and Molly’s third date, Molly invites Mike into her home, but he turns down her request and heads home; Mike and Molly show visible signs that they do not know where the relationship is going after denying her request.