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Saturday, August 23, 2014

5.00 The Middle
Frankie and Mike's plans to get away and enjoy a romantic evening on their anniversary are thwarted by Brick's sudden illness, Sue's lovesickness, Axl's new learner's permit, and a pair of crazy aunts with a diaper-wearing dog.

5.30 The Middle
Sue manages to sell thousands of dollars' worth of sausage and cheese, making her eligible for a school trip, but she is frustrated by the school's failure to recognize her achievement; Brick finds his first girlfriend is a bit on the bossy side.

6.00 Two and a Half Men
In order to move out of Charlie's and get his own place so he can spend time with Melissa, Alan takes a job working for Evelyn; Charlie attempts to close the rift between Chelsea and Jake, as Chelsea becomes upset over the way Jake is treating her.

6.30 Two and a Half Men
Jake is publicly humiliated after Charlie and Allen quarrel at an ice cream parlor, and he insists that he will not live with them any longer; Alan attempts to convince Charlie that they must work together and settle their differences.

7.00 SAF3
A SAF3 team member is caught in a blaze that leaves him severely burned, but the team rallies around him to help him recover and understand his new life.

8.00 Kiss of the Dragon
A Chinese police officer working to apprehend a Chinese drug lord and an unknown connection in France makes a startling discovery about a vice operative he is working with, and must turn to a prostitute with problems of her own for help.

10.00 It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
The gang decides to seek the advice of a professional psychiatrist, but Dennis finds himself the focus of the shrink's attention after explaining the methods of analysis he uses to diagnose the rest of the group on his own.

10.30 It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
The entire group finds themselves becoming involved with Charlie's mom's battle with cancer; Mac, Charlie and Dee question their faith during a time of relative crisis; Frank becomes obsessed with the idea of finding buried treasure.


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