6.00 Two Broke Girls
After learning that Candy Andy closed down his shop following the big breakup, a fortune teller lures Caroline into purchasing a reading, only to reveal to her that she will never find love, sparking an exchange of confrontations and curses.

6.30 Two Broke Girls
Max gets lucky and ends up scoring tickets to attend a music awards show out in Los Angeles, leaving her and Caroline to take a cross-country flight on an exclusive private jet where they end up meeting hip hop artist 2 Chainz.

7.00 Mike & Molly
Molly pushes for Mike to schedule an appointment with a physician after she finds out that he has not gotten a check-up in over 10 years.

7.30 Mike & Molly
Molly faces a crisis of conscience after her publisher requests that she make her book more provocative.

8.00 Elementary
A bombing investigation leads to heavy tensions as Holmes and Watson are forced to partner with Sherlock’s former colleague from Scotland Yard.

9.00 Elementary
Holmes and Watson are asked to consult after a man, once suspected of his wife’s murder, suddenly receives a ransom demand in exchange for her safe return; Lestrade begins to overstay his welcome and appears unwilling to leave.

10.00 Bones
A bag of pulverized human remains turns out to belong to a scientist working on a controversial project, leading Booth and Brennan to investigate the death threats that were made; Angela’s father comes to town seeking revenge against Hodgins.