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Sunday, November 23, 2014

7.00 The Closer
When the Major Crimes Division investigates a seemingly minor armed robbery, the case takes on a new importance when it is connected with a gruesome murder, and the outcome of the investigation could have implications for Brenda's career ambitions.

8.00 Castle
Castle relives another set of high school memories when a high school mean girl turns up dead and the evidence leads to a seemingly telekinetic teenager, but Beckett isn't ready to believe in this real-life Carrie just yet.

9.00 Castle
The case of a murdered struggling actor seems too easy to be true when a woman confesses to the crime, but when evidence proves that she couldn't have been the killer, a second person comes forward to admit that they were the murderer.

10.00 The Closer
Brenda's parents visit town during the holidays to make a special announcement, but Brenda's holiday plans are interrupted by a murder and an accidental death, which were the result of a bitter and longstanding disagreement.


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