6.00 Two Broke Girls
Caroline are overjoyed by several bargain purchases, which turn out to be poor quality, and Caroline’s situation only worsens when she develops a rash after a night with her ex-boyfriend, Andy, throwing her into a panic.

6.30 Two Broke Girls
With a harsh winter quickly approaching, Max and Caroline try to find Chestnut a new job in order to get him a place to stay; Peach, the mother of the twins Max babysits, auditions for a role on “Real Housewives of TriBeCa.”

7.00 Mike & Molly
Mike and Molly’s relationship is put to a real test when Mike introduces Molly to a flirtatious woman as his “friend”, causing Molly to become jealous and upset at the fact that Mike would stoop to such a level at this point in their relationship.

7.30 Mike & Molly
Mike and Carl take Molly’s literary icon, J.C. Small, into custody after finding she is operating her vehicle while under the influence.

8.00 The X-Files
Mulder receives several emails that detail the obituaries of three identical men, and soon after he and Scully are contacted by a CIA agent who divulges information about a secret Russian killer who is erasing evidence of Cold War cloning.

9.00 The X-Files
Agent Scully is kidnapped by the alien Russian spy killer and used as leverage to get Mulder’s sister, Samantha, who just so happens to be a clone herself, but when Mulder finds out, he tracks the bounty hunter and demands his real sister back.

10.00 Access Hollywood
Country singer Naomi Judd talks about “River of Time.”

10.30 TMZ
The companion to popular website TMZ.com presents the latest news and gossip about celebrities’ lives, including births, deaths, couplings, breakups, arrests, hirings and firings, specializing in items the stars might prefer to keep hidden.