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Saturday, October 25, 2014

7.00 Two And A Half Men
Charlie begins noticing it's very difficult to enforce the rules imposed on Jake by Alan, getting to the point that Jake upsets Charlie and wants to apologize; Alan starts helping Judith out in hopes of re-kindling their relationship

7.30 Mike & Molly
Mike and Molly meet up with the priest at Peggy's church, but Molly's outspoken nature ends up costing them their wedding chapel after their meeting, leaving the couple to now worry about finding a new venue for their wedding.

8.00 Bones
The Jeffersonian team investigates the murder of a TV producer; Brennan has trouble accepting that Christine might be more average than she thought when she is accused of biting another student; Hodgins uses his tools to recreate Finn's hot sauce.

9.00 Bones
The skull of a promising young dancer is found lodged in concrete and the team's investigation uncovers another layer of evidence and a secret relationship; the new intern is put on assignment and her life is in critical danger.

10.00 Mike & Molly
Molly starts to have a meltdown when her dress doesn't fit three weeks before the big day, so in hopes of losing the weight, Molly's diet goes into overdrive.

10.30 Two And A Half Men
When Alan's attempt at a father-son weekend backfires, well-intentioned yet misguided Charlie offers to take him out drinking, but when they find themselves drunk in a cab receiving unsolicited therapy from the driver, they wind up enraged at Evelyn.

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