6.00 Two Broke Girls
Max gets a revealing glimpse of Caroline’s formerly enjoyed life of luxury when she agrees to break into the townhouse she used to live in, with the mission of retrieving her much-needed night guard as her motive for acting.

6.30 Two Broke Girls
Joedth hires a young Irish man who he found sitting on a bench outside The High, and Max finds her new co-worker incredibly attractive and decides to begin dating him despite Joe’s strict “no hook-up” rule for all of the employees at The High.

7.00 Mike & Molly
Molly comes back home from an eight-week writer’s workshop with some exciting news to share with Mike, which is that she is getting published and has scored a major book advance from her publisher, much to Mike’s delight.

7.30 Mike & Molly
When Molly discovers that Mike hasn’t had a proper birthday party since he was 9 years old, she decides to take it upon herself to throw him a surprise party; Samuel starts to date a girl that he met through an online dating service.

8.00 Bones
Brennan and Booth investigate charred remains found on an electrical fence, but when the body is identified as an Egyptian mummy on loan to the Jeffersonian, the investigation turns to the curator who was preparing the exhibit.

9.00 Bones
The mutilated remains of a local chicken farmer are found on a riverbank just as he was set to inherit a factory farm known for animal cruelty, leading the team to question rival farmers and animal rights activists; Angela starts her own crusade.

10.00 Access Hollywood
Natalie Morales and team of correspondents cover the latest news and events from the world of entertainment, including celebrity interviews, behind-the-scenes accounts and previews of upcoming film, television and music projects.

10.30 TMZ
The companion to popular website TMZ.com presents the latest news and gossip about celebrities’ lives, including births, deaths, couplings, breakups, arrests, hirings and firings, specializing in items the stars might prefer to keep hidden.