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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

6.00 Press Pass Daily
Host Jack Ebling, a three-time Michigan Sports Writer of the Year and a rotating panel of co-hosts discuss topical local sports news headlines and top sporting events each day.

6.30 The Middle
Frankie tries to blame Brick's teacher for a bad test grade, but the tables are turned when she and Mike have to attend the class; Axl and Sue consider a plan to accompany one of their aunts as she searches for a time capsule she buried.

7.00 Two and a Half Men
Hoping to consummate their relationship, Charlie plans an intimate date for Mia; Kandi inopportunely shows up to find that Charlie is now taken, but Alan thrusts himself into the picture and begins dating a girl half his age, with twice his drive.

7.30 The Middle
Axl and his buddies at Boss Co. offer their services to help guys break up with their girlfriends; Brick gets upset with Frankie when he learns that she threw out all of his old school artwork; Sue's ex-boyfriend invites her to the Valentine's dance.

8.00 Bones
Angela asks Brennan to confirm that a skull found in the desert belongs to her missing boyfriend, but Booth's initial suspicions that the death might be drug related are proven false by the discovery of a counterfeiting ring.

9.00 Bones
The startling discovery of a lifeless corpse clutching a 300-year-old skeletal finger leads the curious duo of Booth and Brennan on a determined hunt for a legendary sunken pirate treasure that could be worth millions if found.

10.00 Friends
Monica finally comes to an understanding with her estranged mother after she and Ross mourn the loss of their recently deceased grandmother; Chandler discovers that all of his co-workers sincerely believe that he is gay.

10.30 Hot in Cleveland
When the ladies agree to arrange blind dates for one another, Elka is immediately smitten with her partner while Melanie's resemblance to her partner's former lover is uncomfortable at best and Joy's choice for Victoria spells danger.


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