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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

6.00 Press Pass Daily

6.30 The Middle
Brick is tired of being forced to accompany Frankie on her weekend errands and pleads to stay home alone; Mike is torn over how to deal with Sue's friend, who insults her; Axl attempts to grow a beard like the rest of his teammates.

7.00 Two and a Half Men
Berta attempts to further rupture Charlie and Alan's relationship when she temporarily moves in, attempting to convince Alan that he should move out so that she can stay permanently; Evelyn tries to help Alan find a new place on his limited budget.

7.30 The Middle
Sue receives her learner's permit, but loses her nerve and runs over Axl's foot, possibly ending his football career; Axl looks forward to voting in his first election; Brick undergoes a shocking transformation when he eats too much candy.

8.00 Law & Order: Criminal Intent
When an aspiring African-American novelist is killed, Goren and Eames examine her unconventional lifestyle, her quirky associates from an elite New York literary circle and the urban neighborhood from which she came.

9.00 Law & Order: Criminal Intent
After spending a seductive night with two women, a man awakens to find one of them murdered and the other missing, and Detectives Logan and Falacci are left with one clue to identify the victim, a pair of emerald earrings left hanging from her ears.

10.00 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
When a rape victim is abducted from the hospital and later found murdered, detective Benson will stop at nothing to put away the person responsible, whom she believes is a sociopath with a record of rape, torture and murder.

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