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Thursday, August 28, 2014

6.00 The Middle
With Axl spending his days in summer school and Brick doing his best to grow a prize tomato, Sue continues her "Summer of Sue and Dad" scrapbook project; the summer comes to a surprising end for the Heck family at the county fair.

6.30 The Middle
Axl is suspended for skipping school, and Mike decides its time to teach him a lesson and makes him work in a quarry, but his plan winds up backfiring; Frankie worries that she accidentally prayed away the cross-country team; Brick's magic trick.

7.00 Two and a Half Men
Unbeknownst to debonair Charlie, his latest fling happens to be the trophy wife of a now-irate old man; to the chagrin of his teacher, Jake recounts his adult-themed weekend to his classmates; Evelyn occupies the husband of Charlie's fling.

7.30 Two and a Half Men
Charlie's new girlfriend is more than understanding of his lifestyle, but when she realizes that Rose is continually stalking Charlie, she decides that she just can't handle the relationship at this point in her life any longer.

8.00 House
The team inherits the case of a pathologist who insists that he be treated by House, who has suddenly gone missing; with House gone, the team must convince the doctor that House is calling all of the shots on his treatment.

9.00 House
House and the team acquire the case of a 19 year old college cheerleader, who suffered a mysterious nosebleed; after the patient claims to hear his deceased brother's voice, House thinks that the patient's health issues are psychological.

10.00 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
When a quadruple homicide with sexual overtones is followed up by five more grisly murders, the detectives must race to find the perpetrator before the body count grows; Tutola and Deuthorn investigate a building superintendent and his two sons.


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