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Sunday, February 1, 2015

7.00 The Closer
Provenza is talked into helping one of his ex-wives recover their wedding ring after a failed attempt at selling it, but doing so puts the unfortunate detective in various precarious situations, including a robbery, a murder and a hungry dog.

8.00 Castle
Castle and Beckett are called to a graveyard, where a young man with vampire fangs is found with a wooden stake through his heart, and they travel into the vampire fetish community to find the killer and the motive, which may lie in a comic book.

9.00 Castle
After an up-and-coming rock star's body is found staged in a scene from one of her music videos, Castle and Beckett delve into the music world, but it is only with Alexis' help that they are able to decode the clues that lead them to the killer.

10.00 The Closer
A doctor is brutally murdered and his death sends shockwaves throughout the community after it is discovered that his store of drug supplies have been stolen; Brenda is assigned a case that leaves her questioning her loyalties.


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