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Friday, October 24, 2014

6.00 Press Pass Daily
Host Jack Ebling, a three-time Michigan Sports Writer of the Year and a rotating panel of co-hosts discuss topical local sports news headlines and top sporting events each day.

6.30 The Middle
Frankie worries that Axl will have his heart crushed again when his sometimes girlfriend comes back into his life and tries to change him; Brick has to take care of a baby chick as part of a project for a class at school.

7.00 Two and a Half Men
Evelyn's new boyfriend Teddy attempts to win-over Charlie and Alan by flying them to Vegas in order to attend a fight at Caesar's Palace; the brothers enjoy the trip so much that they go out of their way to convince Evelyn that she should marry him.

7.30 Mike & Molly
Mike and Molly have to learn to adjust to their status as a newly engaged couple when Molly wants to go ahead and start planning their wedding, but Mike would rather take some time to go fishing with the guys for the weekend.

8.00 Bones
While still suffering some lingering effects from his brain surgery, Booth struggles in his attempts to get re-certified for FBI marksmanship; the team investigates the remains of a little person who was involved in a popular wrestling league.

9.00 Bones
Booth's grandfather moves in with him and then tags along as Brennan and Booth investigate ashes and charred remains found by a real estate agent during a showing; Brennan learns some family secrets as the old man tries to play matchmaker.

10.00 Mike & Molly
Molly recruits Joyce to help her spy on her suspicious next-door neighbor; the guys end up sharing their dreams and goals with each other during a poker game.

10.30 Hot in Cleveland
Elka attempts to teach Mamie how to flirt during a trip to the veterinarian; Joy loves the idea of men who own pets, and when a hot fireman walks into the veterinary clinic, her fixation isn't helped; Victoria's daughter interviews her.

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