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What Went Down brings you the most epic fails and epic wins from around the globe, every week. It’s Win-tastic and Fail-rific. No, those are not in the dictionary…yet.

Oh, and it’s also not your father’s old SD clip show with cheesy jokes and annoying narration. We know – you and your dad just love to laugh and watch dudes make amazing long distance basketball shots off a trampoline while being tackled by a guy in a gorilla suit, and unbelievable boat, car, motorcycle, bicycle, rollerblade, pogo stick, skiing, skating, and riding inside a zipped up carry-on suitcase crashes, a kid wiping out while driving a Lazy-Boy, astonishing Parkour wins and fails, homemade cannons, human hamster wheels, hipster catapults, a guy wake-boarding down a drainage ditch while being pulled by a racehorse, a mariachi band serenading a beluga whale, oh, and a guy jumping off a cliff while eating a banana. So hey, Happy Father’s Day! And you’re welcome.

Oh, and each episode you also get to guess if someone is going to “Win” or “Fail” and “What’s About to Go Down.” And did we mention this will air every week. Man, that’s just downright…Win-tastic.