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Saturday, 29 July 2006 10:56
How to tune into My18 Lansing/Jackson:

If you don't have cable, "over-the-air" is the only other means by which you can watch us.

If you opt for this method, we are on channel 18. If we don't come in that well, try hooking up an antenna. Now before you run out and buy an antenna...read on. WHTV is a UHF (Ultra-High-Frequency) station not a VHF (Very-High-Frequency) station.

What's the difference? Why does this matter? If you buy a set of "rabbit ears" to help pull our signal in, chances are they won't work too well. Instead, buy a UHF "loop" or UHF "bow-tie" antenna. Of course, putting up a rooftop antenna would be best, but that tends to involve a lot of work.

Comcast Cable
In Lansing/Holt Channel 08
In Jackson Channel 18
In East Lansing (over-the-air Channel 18) Channel 08
Summit/Leoni Township Channel 18

Millennium Cable
In Bath, Bellevue, Charlotte, Concord, Dansville, Homer, Laingsburg, Leslie, Mason, Morrice, Munith, Olivet, Perry, Pleasant Lake, Potterville, Stockbridge, Webberville, Williamston, and adjacent townships Channel 06
In Vermontville Channel 12
In Grass Lake Channel 11

Cable Properties
In Rives Junction Channel 18

In Springport Channel 18

Direct TV and Dish Network
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